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Lecture hall

In universities and colleges, it is crucial to have reliable, easy-to-use technology to keep events running smoothly. Both teachers and students should benefit from intuitive usability and should be able to fully enjoy the event experience.

The Masterdesk is the ideal solution for universities and colleges that rely on easy-to-use, reliable technology to enhance the event experience and enable effective learning.


Teachers can easily access the various functions and can therefore ensure interactive lessons. Presentations can be created, materials shared and interactive learning activities carried out in just a few simple steps. Materials are saved at the touch of a button and made available to the students. Access is easy and convenient and also promotes an active learning atmosphere.

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Maximum inclusivity

Maximum flexibility

The Masterdesk enables teachers and students to work flexibly. Thanks to its multifaceted setup, events can be held both on site and remotely. Teachers can easily share class materials, while students are given the opportunity to participate regardless of their location. This flexibility encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, and allows students to maintain their own pace.

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