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The Masterdesk offers a comprehensive arsenal of tools to enable invigorating multimedia presentations, regardless of whether they take place live, hybrid or remotely. Our solution is the heart of every "ecosystem" and scores with maximum flexibility and inclusivity. The Masterdesk is compatible with all common interfaces and devices.  

Does your facility already have a projector, smartboard or other equipment? 

No problem! Benefit from the integration of the Masterdesk and experience how new synergies are created through our flexible, scalable solution. While you prepare your media content on the left monitor of the Mastersesk, the projector displays the right monitor and enables you to precisely share content with your audience in a targeted manner. The document camera becomes a digital flip chart at the push of a button, and another external screen helps you connect online participants with those present on site.

The use of additional cameras, microphones or speaker systems for particularly large event rooms does not pose any difficulties for the Masterdesk. Experience a groundbreaking degree of flexibility and contact us to receive a tailor-made solution designed to meet your individual requirements.

In today's age, where technological demands are becoming more and more complex, it is crucial that multimedia presentations and teaching devices offer easy and intuitive usability. The Masterdesk recognizes this need and place it at the heart of its design. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, the Masterdesk enables even inexperienced users to operate smoothly and interact harmoniously with the surrounding digital environment.

An uncomplicated hardware landscape is the key to an efficient and successful multimedia ecosystem. When the integration of numerous multimedia components becomes an unsolvable task and there are increasing spatial restrictions, the Masterdesk demonstrates its strengths. It lays the foundation for an unprecedented harmony by seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructures and supporting all conventional devices and components. The Masterdesk's plug-and-play capability allows for quick and easy setup with no technical knowledge required. This reduces complications and makes collaboration and presentations much easier.

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