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Our vision

coreONE is a tight-knit team of experts from software and design that has set itself the task of creating innovative solutions to shape a brighter future.


Reinvent collaboration 

"Like many other students I was forced to attend all of my courses from home during the pandemic. This led to me spending the majority of my time at university in front of my laptop. Whether its face-to-face, hybrid or remote - we are actively working on reinventing meetings to meet the demands of the future."

Flynn Burger, coreONE GmbH

University cafeteria




Founding of coreONE GmbH with the goal of meeting the challenges of the digital age.


Covid-19 reaches Germany

The world is turned on its head. We are forced to research new, alternative approaches and to create solution concepts in order to enable a common "togetherness" again.


Why Masterdesk?

Flexible, robust and always ready to go

"The Masterdesk allows us to successfully conduct hybrid lessons. Thanks to this technology, illness and absences from teachers are no longer a problem for us."

Tanja Ciesielski,

Board of the Jenaplan High School

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