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The Masterdesk doesn't require complex installation and can easily turn any venue into a collaborative space. Paired with its high compatibility it lays the perfect foundation for successful multimedia setups.

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Experience seamless presentations enabled by the Masterdesk. You'll keep your audience engaged at all times - the object camera doubles as a digital flipchart. While the right screen gets shown to your audience, the left one remains private and is used to prepare your content.


Optimize your workflow with a total of 15 customisable buttons. Spend less time on searching and preparing content and start focussing on what's important - getting your message across  

Whether live, hybrid or remote

We offer a comprehensive, compact and easy-to-use solution that can be easily embedded into any existing multimedia infrastructure.

"The Masterdesk allows us to successfully conduct hybrid lessons. Thanks to this technology, illness and absences from teachers are no longer a problem for us."

Tanja Ciesielski, board member Jenaplan-Gymnasium

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