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The Jenaplan-Gymnasium is obsessed with offering its students a modern and effective learning experience. A key tenet of the school is to complement traditional teaching methods and provide students with innovative technologies to prepare them for the demands of a digital world. The use of the Masterdesk in the Jenaplan-Gymnasium made the decisive difference in tackling the obstacles that were posed to schools by the Pandemic.


The Masterdesk has been used in various classrooms and departments to make lessons more interactive.

The desk enables teachers to create interactive and multimedial presentations to convey the subject matter in a visually appealing way. The integration of videos, images and interactive content helps the students get more involved and better understand the presented content.

The Masterdesk succesfully transforms the classrooms of the Jenaplan-Gymnasium into hybrid learning environments. Teachers can conduct real-time classes both on-site and for students attending from home. Its usability allows for seamless integration of presentations, videos and live interactions to ensure the best possible learning experience for all students.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 16.46.54.png
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 16.44.46.png

The Masterdesk played a crucial role in the shift to remote learning during the pandemic. Teachers could access the desk from home and hold lessons via various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This has allowed the school to continue to provide quality instruction to students, regardless of the teachers' and students' location.

The use of the Multimedia desk in the Jenaplan-Gymnasium has proven to be extremely successful. Students benefit from an interactive and modern learning experience that improves their cognitive skills and understanding. We are proud that we can help prepare students for the challenges of the digital world.

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