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In training centers, it is of paramount importance to have equipment that allows presenter to integrate a variety of content seamlessly by enabling the ability of accessing different materials flexibly.

rd-MD20 det1-10-white.png

The Masterdesk offers teachers this flexibility and enables course content to be seamlessly integrated into their lessons. Teachers can provide digital and physical materials, such as presentations, worksheets, videos or experiments, at the push of a button, which ensures diverse, exciting lessons.

By using two monitors, teachers can take their time to prepare class materials on the left, private screen without being interrupted by their students. By simply moving the content to the right monitor, which is projected onto an external, additional screen, teachers can precisely determine the right time to share pieces of content.


The Masterdesk is the ideal solution for educational institutions that value reliable hardware and intuitive, flexible and effective lectures. With the Masterdesk, lessons become an interactive and dynamic experience that enables learners to optimally absorb the presented content.

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