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Live Events

When it comes to live events and presentations, smooth technology integration is crucial. Oftentimes, traditional setups require multiple separate devices and complex cabling, which typically results in connectivity issues and inefficiencies. Onboarding participants in hybrid or remote form poses an additional challenge.

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"The Masterdesk offers an outstanding solution to overcome these challenges and to make live events and presentations more effective and, above all, more interactive."

The Masterdesk combines all essential components in a single compact device. No additional equipment or complex wiring is required, eliminating connectivity issues and time-consuming setups. With all the functionality bundled in one device, hosts and presenters can focus on content and audience interaction instead of wasting time configuring and managing different devices.

The Masterdesk offers maximum flexibility in a compact design. It is easy to transport and can flexibly be deployed at different venues. Whether conference rooms, exhibition stands or event locations, the Masterdesk adapts to the requirements of the respective event and enables easy setup and operation.

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