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meetings and conferences

The Hotel Schindlerhof is known for first-class facilities and excellent service. In order to meet the needs of business guests, it has integrated the Masterdesk, to ensure both smooth and uncomplicated procedures during their events and conferences.


"The Masterdesk has been deployed in our meeting rooms and conference halls to enhance our events and provide guests with a premium audiovisual experience."


The Masterdesk enables speakers to easily enhance their presentations and lectures with impressive visual effects. The intuitive operation enables seamless integration of videos, animations and high-resolution images, creating a professional and captivating presentation environment.

The Masterdesk allows the Schindlerhof to offer high-quality live streams and video conferences for its guests. Companies that seek their facilities can thus communicate with their teams and customers from all over the wolrd by hosting hybrid events.

"The use of the Masterdek at the Schindlerhof conference hotel has helped to increase the quality and success of the events. The combination of high-quality audiovisual technology, flexibility and an outstanding customer experience makes the hotel a first-class choice for business events."

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