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In many companies, board meetings are at the heart of strategic decisions. Difficulties often arise during the attempt to efficiently present information or effectively interact with other participants. The inability to avoid technical problems poses a major threat to traditional board meetings.

The Masterdesk has proven itself in various companies as a versatile tool for making meetings more efficient and interactive. It is a perfect match for companies that are tired of distractions and are looking to get more out of their board meetings.


The Masterdesk combines all essential components in a single device. It includes two monitors, a powerful computer, audio and video outputs and a variety of connectivity options fo the integration of external devices. No need to use separate devices and cables. The Matserdesk eliminates the need for complex installation, resulting in easier handling and reduced susceptibility to technical problems.


Professional audio and video equipment is used to create an optimal environment for online participants

We offer comprehensive technical support for the Masterdesk. Our team is available 24/7 to resolve any questions or technical issues you may have and to ensure meetings run smoothly. Feel free to contact us to create a support offer tailored to your specific requirements.

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